Blocked Drains Lake Macquarie 

Blocked Drains Lake Macquarie- Wilmot Plumbing’s blocked drain specialists service the entire Lake Macquarie area using the latest drain repair technology.

Throughout the Lake Macquarie area numerous drains are being blocked or partially blocked and damaged for a number of reasons. Once signs of blocked drains or slow-to-drain sinks, baths or toilets become apparent home owners should quickly have the problems assessed and repaired by a local, qualified contractor, such as Wilmot Plumbing-

Wilmot Plumbing specialize in blocked drains repair throughout the Lake Macquarie area.

Prompt repairs of blocked drains can help avoid further property damage and more expensive repairs in the future can be eliminated.

Often the cause of the blocked drains is the ingress of foreign material such as in tree root intrusion or other material entering the drains as a result of settlement. There can be many causes of blocked drains and the best course of action is to have them inspected by a drainage professional from Wilmot Plumbing Lake Macquarie. Only then can the problem be properly analysed and the appropriate solution recommended.

Bathroom drains, floor wastes and kitchen drainage are all susceptible to blockages of this type. If  drain blockages are not cleared promptly, further back-ups will occur and this can easily lead to greater damage and higher repair costs with greater disruption to the occupants.

At the first sign of any blocked drainage contact Blocked Drains Lake Macquarie -Wilmot Plumbers on 0432 428 532 – your blocked drains professionals throughout the Lake Macquarie area.

Frequently the blockage may simply be caused by build-up of foreign material in the drains, and the repair may be quite simply carried out using our High Pressure Hydro Jet System. This system quickly clears the blocked drain with a water jet.

Even in cases where the drains have been damaged such as in the case of tree root intrusion, repairs can usually be carried out using no-dig technology. All Wilmot Plumbing professionals are trained and equipped to carry out these trenchless no-dig blocked drains repairs.

Blocked Drains Lake Macquarie

No-Dig  Trenchless Drain Repairs 


First, we clear any debris from your drains with our jetter and use CCTV to locate any damage and check the condition of the drains generally.


Next, we repair your drains by using the camera to position an epoxy re-liner bladder to the exact fault location.


Blocked Drains Lake macquarie 3rd step in drain repair is to set and harden re-liner and test. Repair is now complete

The epoxy re-liner is then inflated, hardened and tested.

The pipe is repaired for life

– and is guaranteed !

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Blocked Drains Lake Macquarie

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